Sierra Nevada - where visitors don't just come for skiing

Sierra Nevada  (7)

The Sierra Nevada (Spanish for "snow-capped mountains") is the highest mountain range of the Iberian Peninsula with 3482 meters, which usually wears a snow cap from November to May. The Sierra Nevada is also famous for the highest country road in Europe, a national park and a wide range of mountain sports - among other things, you will find the largest snow park in Europe in this area ...

A picture that is still unusual for many of us: The guests of Sierra Nevada climb out of the cabin on the mountain in winter without any equipment. Just like that, without skis and without snowboard. Not because they forgot them, but because they didn't even go skiing. You just want to "experience" the snow and spend a few nice hours on the mountain with the family. We call this target group "Snowtoucher", which has become so important in the meantime that its own offers are being developed for this group.

This clientele is also very attractive in the Alps in times of climate change and green cities. Special snow play areas on the mountain, for all those who come from the snowless valleys, will also be an interesting addition to the range in the Alpine regions.
For the Sierra Nevada, very interesting offers have been developed in two areas on the mountain - also with the task of coordinating the guests on the mountain and giving them a good stay. In addition, we have developed exciting elements for the “Superverde” ski beginner slope, on which children will learn to ski in a subtle and playful way. Of course, the focus is on fun.

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