The world has never seen such a thing: the installation "007 ELEMENTS" towers at 3,050 m above sea level on the summit of the Gaislachkogl, but hides in the style of a secret agent inside the mountain. Not only die-hard 007 fans thrilled the official Bond location with its dramatic architecture and fulminating staging.
In collaboration with the James Bond Art Director, a very special experience cabin has been developed. The aim was to create a spectacular train ride to match the museum called "Elements". Of course, the design is based on the Bond strip "Spectre", which was shot with Unter in Sölden. In the course of this, a special color tone or a unique film was applied to the booths. A distinctive sound system and songs by John Berry make the ride an acoustic experience.

Strict guidelines were set here as far as the sequence of the experience cabin, as well as the design are concerned. In addition to those responsible for James Bond and Input, Richter Design and Loop21 also participated in the implementation of the multimedia concept.


As the cabin moves out of the valley station, the music of world-famous John Berry, who wrote the early music for the James Bond films, starts. With the glorious music and the sounds, which let you put into the world of James Bond, you can enjoy the wonderful mountains of the Ötztal.

The cabins run at irregular intervals and it's up to chance to get caught in the James Bond cabin ...