Andermatt - Matti Family Paradise

The popular "Andermatt" ski area is setting a milestone with the implementation of the "Matti Family Paradise" in order to make its summer offerings even more attractive. After a short, intensive planning and implementation phase, the new mountain playground around the existing family restaurant was put into operation.

The surrounding Swiss mountains served as the leitmotif for the themed design. Everything revolves around nature, sports & exercise, adventure and the Swiss mountains. For this reason, suitable mountain elements such as hiking boots or milk cans have been transformed into exciting play equipment that not only inspires children. The building itself was integrated into the concept with a via ferrata and a climbing wall.
In the “Matti Family Paradise”, small as well as big visitors can playfully try out their fitness for the mountains and feel the pulse of the Swiss Alps. The designed playground equipment not only arouses the curiosity of the children, but is also an eye-catcher and photo motif for the adult visitors.