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Armenien - Myler Mountain Resort

The new mountain resort in Armenia was able to start operations with its first Doppelmayr system this year. At the same time, the development of the master plan was pushed forward. Myler aims to delight its guests all year round with a variety of mountain offerings and attract both sporty types and families.

During the strategic realignment, particular attention was paid to the natural and cultural characteristics. As a result, the storyline "Urartu's Legacy - The roots of Armenia" was developed. Following this orientation, three areas are dedicated to different target groups and have different focuses in the master plan. While the valley area primarily serves as a beginner's area for skiers and bikers, a beautifully embedded family center is planned in the area around the middle station. The area around the mountain station, on the other hand, is intended to impress with its view and has been staged at a higher level with, among other things, a viewing restaurant, an underground museum and a viewing tower. The spatial and functional programs were also created for all relevant buildings and suggestions for external design were presented.