Kamchatka - the land of bears and volcanoes

Kamchatka Hubschrauber (3)

A main attraction on Kamchatka is the valley of geysers with about 90 geysers. Hot water fountains reached a height of up to 40 meters, their steam swaths sometimes more than 200 meters. The valley, along with other areas of the peninsula, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site "Kamchatka Volcanoes". Another part of the World Heritage area is the Bystrinski Nature Park with the Ishinskaya Sopka in the central part of Kamchatka. Thanks to 30 active volcanoes in a relatively small area, in other words a particularly high volcanic density on a global scale, Kamchatka is considered the "land of volcanoes".

In September last year, Input was allowed to visit the area around the 2,173m high Vilyuchinsky volcano. The aim is to develop the area for tourism in summer as well as in winter. After almost 17 hours of flight time and a few hours' drive, the goal was reached. A very impressive natural backdrop with impressive mountain formations. After the first helicopter flight, the first ideas for concept development were found.

In the first step at the beginning of the year, Input successfully completed a study on the strategic orientation and development of the tourist offer. A "Pure Mountain Sports Destination" should be created, which should also be very family-friendly. In summer, the focus should be on hiking and biking, and in winter skiing and cross-country skiing. In the first stage of expansion, a resort is to be created, as well as access to the ski area with three cable car sections.

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