After the implementation on the Ahorn in the spring of 2017, the second phase of realization took place in spring 2018 on the "action mountain" Penken. Everything revolves around action and fun for young and old. Skill, courage, action and lots of fun - this is promised by the two innovations and the unique active offer on Action Mountain Penken in Zillertal/Tyrol. This pleases ambitious athletes, enterprising parents and curious children alike.



Motor Activity Park: The newly created motor activity parcours is suitable for all ages. The 12 stations need to be overcome with skill and a sense of balance. For the adventure to succeed, young and old start in the training and warm-up station. But beware! With so much action and fun, it might be easy for one or the other to get a "laugh abs".

E-Trial Parcours: The new E-Trial course is quite tricky in some places, however, it makes a lot of fun in any case. It quickly becomes clear who has skill, coordination and strong nerves! The twelve custom-made electric motorcycles, also called E-Trials, are tailored to the needs of children, adolescents and adults, work with environmentally friendly electric drive and are virtually silent.



The Funsportstation on the Penken Mountain lives up to its name. In addition to the motor activity parcours and the e-trial course, the following fun attractions are on offer:

- Run over the reservoir without getting wet: in transparent plastic balls, the funballz, no eye will remain dry.
- Exploring the paths in a fun and fast way: with comfortable or sporty mountain scooters fun is guaranteed.
- Rocking, climbing climbing towers and splashing with water: there is plenty to do at the new, idyllic mountain playground.

Mountains + Climbing + Diversity = Penken Mountain. In the via ferrata "Knorren Nadel" and "Capricorn" on Knorren beginners are able to try out this activity The necessary climbing sets are available free of charge at the funsportstation (subject to availability). At the "Knorren" as well as at the "Gschöss" climbing area there are more than 50 further climbing routes in the difficulty levels four to eight - here everyone will surely find their personal favourite. Soared! Either in the saddle of the mountain bike or in the crystal clear skies of the Zillertal Mountains. The bike courses on Penken Mountain range from easy to demanding and the optimal thermals offer ideal conditions for frequent flyers. So bikers and paragliders get fully into the flow. In spite of the action, the Penken can also be very quiet. Along the panorama trail, suitable for pushchairs, telescopes offer an impressive view of the highlights of the Mayrhofen Mountains.